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Custom Product Boxes With Logo and Add-ons

Custom Product Boxes With Logo Design: One of the most famous custom product packaging strategies is the use of custom product boxes with logo design. Boxes, as we all know, are one of the most important components of a product package. They serve as the covering for the packed products. Hence, it is very important to choose a box that not only looks good but also goes along with the brand name and product image. Here are some of the popular types of custom product boxes with logo designs:

Cardboard Custom Boxes With Logo Design: Cardboard custom boxes with logo design have become quite popular among the consumers these days. The reason behind their popularity is the fact that they are light in weight and affordable. These boxes are also strong and sturdy. Most of the time, these boxes are made from recycled paperboard, which further adds to their longevity.

Cardboard Custom Boxes With Logo Design: One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing custom product boxes with logo design is the durability of the boxes. High quality cardboard boxes are manufactured from polystyrene, polyurethane or ethylene terpolymer. All these materials are quite sturdy and long lasting. However; one needs to check out whether the boxes are made using low quality material or not. If yes, then the durability of the packaging would be very less and thus, its usage would be limited.

High Quality Cardboard Boxes With Logo Design: High quality printed cardboard can turn an ordinary product packing into an exclusive corporate one. Using custom retail boxes with logo design can attract more customers. Customers tend to place greater importance on packaging, especially if they will use the product for the long term. Thus, it becomes very important to choose the right quality and type of packaging materials for your branded products.

Fabric Boxes With Wooden Components: Making custom boxes with wooden components can make them look very attractive. Wooden embossed designs can definitely add charm to these boxes. However; these wooden boxes are more expensive as compared to other boxes. It is advisable to opt for simple but elegant-looking boxes. These would help in imparting an appealing look to your branding product.

PVC Plastic Boxes With Wooden Components: Using custom printed acrylic plastic can create a stylish looking custom retail display box. These boxes can easily compliment your brand image. They can be used as acrylic boxes, acrylic novelty boxes, acrylic custom printed crates and custom printed shipping boxes. One can customize these printed plastic cubes by printing company logo on them. Another option available is to print the name of your product or brand on the outside surface of the cube.

Customized Boxes with Lids and Material: Making custom retail boxes with lids and with custom material are very easy. First you need to decide upon the type of lid that you want. Various types of lids can be selected such as plastic, vinyl, custom vinyl, cloth covered ones. Then, select appropriate materials from which the boxes will be made. Various materials are available such as cardboard, corrugated cartons, paperboard, foam and PVC plastics.

If the price of printing is not affordable, one can also add-ons such as bubble wrap, linen, felt, fabric and ribbons to the custom retail boxes. All these add-ons can be printed in different colors and styles according to your product type and market preferences. You can also add product images, text and logos of your choice. It is very easy to add-on these products, but if you want to have your custom boxes printed in a time-saving method, then you can opt for pre-printed boxes with blank inside.


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