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Customized Oil Change Stickers: Tips for Making Your Sticker Stand Out

Many people have an aversion to oil change stickers, but those who use them will tell you they're indispensable. They're quite effective, in that they offer easy-to-read information about when and how you should change your own engine oil. They're also fun, whether you display them on your vehicle or your garage wall. But there's a more practical reason to use them, besides making sure that you're doing it right. Customized oil change stickers may help save you money. Here's why.

Most people go to the dealer for their oil change. That's because it's convenient: You don't have to commute, park farther away or waste time trying to find an oil can (a hassle if you need one, since most are standard sized and may be hard to find). Plus, at least in today's economy, most car dealerships have discounts that you can take advantage of. You may even be able to get a substantial discount on the actual service itself. But at the end of the day, you're still spending money on oil, even if it's being billed to you right at the service station.

Customized oil change stickers, on the other hand, are a great little gift for anyone who helps you change your oil. It shows them that you value them as individuals, even if it doesn't exactly show it in your wallet. In fact, these stickers may even inspire them to keep coming back for more. If you give someone a sticker that says, "I am your mechanic. Please service me with the highest quality oil possible," you may be opening up an entirely new level of customer relations, which can benefit both you and your oil company.

In addition, customized oil change stickers are a great incentive to encourage customers to come back. If you sell to just a few people, then perhaps a single sticker will do the trick. But if you service thousands of cars annually, then your company will become well known within the auto repair community and you'll find that word of mouth referrals will go a long way. And this is a good thing!

Another benefit of having personalized stickers is that they give you a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Just think about it: If you come up with a great slogan or design, no one else in the business will be using it. But if you use it on your oil change cards, or hand them out at each service location, then you will be creating a unique line of communication between yourself and your customers. In essence, you're branding yourself as a different kind of auto mechanic. The sky is the limit on what kinds of things you can come up with.

Of course, not all businesses can benefit from personalized oil change stickers. Businesses that don't have as many services will find that it's more difficult to justify investing in personalized stickers. After all, even if your business has several locations, if people don't know that you have specialized in car maintenance, they won't likely come in for service. So if you only offer to change your oil on your cars when needed, then it doesn't really matter to anyone whether you're customized oil card makes a difference or not. But if you want to advertise that you do provide extra-special services to specific customers, then you should consider investing in customized stickers.

Even if you already have a great logo or business name, there are still some things that will make your car maintenance service stand out. Consider adding a motto or some sort of symbol that represents what you do. Many auto mechanics like to include a picture of their dogs, or a scenic view that they've traveled. If you want to get your point across to customers, then you may want to have your own customized quote or message. Having your own custom slogan on your stickers will help your business stick out in the auto-messaging world.

It's also important to think about the size and shape of the sticker when you are considering what to include on them. Most of the time, motorists like to see standard, rectangular stickers. However, if you have unusually large or small vehicles, or if you want to emphasize any special aspects of your business, you can go with your logo or image, whether it is a photo or a clip art image. Also, you can choose to have the oil change company name, telephone number, or website address printed directly on the stickers. Customizing them with the information that you want printed will help ensure that you get the attention you deserve from your customers.


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