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Sisha Pipe - A Great Alternative to Smoking a Pipe

SishaQuality - Shisha tobacco online provides a wide range of high quality Shisha tobacco with a variety of different sweeteners and flavoring. They have an assortment of flavored coals for your smoking pleasure. Their prices are very reasonable, and they offer free shipping. I ordered a few boxes of Shisha Quality - Shisha tobacco from them a while back and have let them dry out in my family room, and I can say they are really nice.

The Sisha quality Shisha Tobacco comes in four different types, named after the areas where they were born: India, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. There is also an African flavor. The difference between the various types is primarily the type of tobacco and the amount of sweetener added. Some have more flavor, some less, and all have a pleasant smell when you first light them up.

The most popular option for those who like a stronger flavored Shisha Pipe is the original blend, which is SishaQuality - Shisha tobacco blended to "Virginia" strength. This makes for a rich, strong smelling smoke, with a rich aroma. It has a good burn and is not too expensive. My favorite choice is the ShishaPipe Deluxe, which has a very nice blend of Indonesian Yaksack, Shisha sweet, and sweet cream. It is very strong and has a very distinctive smell.

The ShishaPipe is a good value, and they do have some excellent customer reviews on the Internet, so you should definitely check them out before you buy. You can also get a Sisha-imbued candle, which is supposedly infused with Shisha, and supposedly even better tasting than the regular wax. It is hard to tell for sure right now, so you'll have to do your homework.

You also can get the SishaPipe base, which is simply a bowl made from clay. Sisha smokers say it has a unique and interesting flavor, which makes it a fun alternative to smoking pipes. There are also SishaPipe add-ons that you can buy to change the flavor of the coals and also to change the way the SishaPipe lights up.

My favorite way to enjoy ShishaPipe is in the shower. I like to pre-light the coals, and then inhale the fragrance while showering. I usually use a "Baba" or aromatic essential oil, like Sweet Marjoram or Lavender. These are all great fragrances, and help set the mood for a wonderful evening of Sipping! If you are new to smoking pipes, it is also suggested that you try a few different brands and coals, so that you can find what works best for you!

The other way that you can enjoy ShishaPipe, is by rolling small coals and inhaling their scent. This is probably the easiest way to do it. Just purchase some SishaPipe, cut a long thin slice and place it on the top of a piece of glass, or a small saucer. Now all you need to do is place your finger over the stem of the pipe and lightly inhale the aroma. Try different coals until you find one you like.

SishaRigs are great for parties, and especially for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with smoking pipes. They are relatively easy to light, and most people can do it in seconds. I always bring a few extra SishaPipes with me wherever I go. SishaPipe also comes in very nice tin packaging, and you can find them in a variety of colors. I prefer the green and pink coals, but they are all equally enjoyable. When it comes to smoking and enjoying a good Shisha Pipe, SishaRigs are the perfect choice!