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Using Customized Oil Change Stickers to Spruce Up Your Business

Many companies have seen the benefit of using customized oil change coupons for their customers. There is something about an oil change sticker that makes people stop and think. It's a simple message delivered in a way that no one ever forgets. Customized oil change stickers are a great way to promote your business while increasing your customer base. Here are five ways in which you can customize your stickers for your customers.

o Think about what your potential customer might be thinking when they see your stickers. By carefully choosing the words that will appear on your oil change message, you will make it clear what you are trying to say. Use words like "keep going" or "oil changed" so that people understand your message.

o Consider your potential customer's personality. This will help you come up with a catchy phrase that is also true to your company's personality. If you are a car service company that offers both residential and mobile services, you want your stickers to appeal to everyone. You don't want to pick up on words that would make your client feel patronizing or like he is only worth the price of the oil change because of your company.

o Think outside of the box. Personalized oil change stickers are great ways to promote your company. You can even use them to support a cause that you believe in. Stickers that represent your beliefs are always more appealing to customers than corporate logo stickers.

o Think out of the box. Personalized oil change stickers can also be used as political campaign yard signs. By running ads that emphasize your company's environmental efforts, you can increase your popularity among voters. This is especially helpful if your business is located in an environmentally-friendly area. This is especially true of California, where many political races are decided on the coast.

o Keep it simple. Personalized change stickers are great for promoting your business, but if your stickers are too commonplace, your customers will forget what your company represents. A catchy phrase on your sticker may get your sticker in a prominent spot, but if your sticker looks like every other business, your customers will forget about your brand. Therefore, when choosing a slogan, try to choose one that has some humor, or something that is unique to your business.

o Think in smaller prints. When it comes to custom stickers, it all boils down to size. Printing businesses that specialize in this kind of work know exactly how small the best looking stickers can be. Even if your stickers are printed in full color, try using a font size that is smaller, or opt for a black and white version. This will make your stickers easy on the eyes and easy to read.

Oil change stickers don't have to be just a marketing ploy. Customizing them with your own company logo, colors, and graphics can make your vehicle stand out from the rest and give it its own identity. Your customer base will thank you, and will likely come back to your business every time they need an oil change.

o Think about colors. Your stickers don't have to be bland and boring, although the colors you use do play a role. If you're willing to spend a bit more money on your stickers, you can choose some really neat colors that will make your vehicles look even better. Don't stick to the basic black and white, though, as these colors tend not to stand out from the traffic much.

o Think outside the box. Do you think that your customers will put these stickers on their vehicles in a way that will make them stand out? Some businesses have been successful with adding funny quotes, or even having their customers write their own messages to make the custom stickers even more interesting. The more unique things you do with your custom stickers, the more attention they will get, and the more likely they are to become a long-term marketing fixture for your business.

The more thought you put into your business' advertising efforts, the more success you will enjoy. Oil change stickers are a great tool for getting the word out about your business. You can create them quickly using a high-quality graphics program, and then print them off at a local printer if you want a quick job. Or you can shop around online until you find a good price for custom oil change stickers. Either way, you'll be sure to get your message across and keep your customers informed.


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